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What IS Macro Coach Communities?

My Macros+ & Macros Inc have partnered up to give you everything that Macro Coach has to offer, plus access to an exclusive community to learn and garner support from like-minded individuals who are all striving to reach their health and fitness goals.
Ask questions to nutrition experts. Macro Coach Communities is not just about community, but is also staffed with experts in the field that are there to answer your questions.
Be part of something bigger Wether you're vocal about it or not, everyone has struggles when it comes to diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Be stronger together as a community as you strive to be your own personal best.

Who is Macros Inc?

Macros Inc is a group of evidence based fitness and nutrition practitioners who were created to provide something they felt was lacking in the community for new people entering the health and fitness lifestyle.
Macros Inc provides the premier free fitness community to learn and grow in your journey to a healthier life. With Macro Coach Communities you get access to an exclusive sub-group that their top-tier coaches run and moderate.

What is Macro Coach?

Macro Coach tells you how much you need to eat to reach your goals. Providing near 1-on-1 macro coaching at a fraction of the cost.
Not sure how much to eat? Wether you are trying to lose weight, bulk up or just maintain a healthy lifestyle Macro Coach tells you how much to eat to reach those goals.
Progress Stalled This isn't a phrase you will have to use while using Macro Coach. Every week you check in to Macro Coach and it updates your targets to keep you on track.

Why Use Macro Coach?

Created By Industry Leaders

Macro Coach was carefully created as a collaboration between leaders in the field of Online Fitness Coaching, Registered Dietetics and Computer Science

It Improves As You Do

As you progress using Macro Coach it begins to learn YOU and can make better adjustments to what your body needs.

The Easiest Nutrition Guideline
Tool Available

Being developed right on top of My Macros+ allows for checkins to take no more than seconds.
Macro Coach knows how your diet has been going automatically and reports it for you when you check in.

Smarter Than Any Other
Nutrition Guideline Tool Available

With more than 100,000,000 data points in
our system we have the opportunity to better serve your nutritional goals.

My Macros+ Pro Features
Are Included

While subscribed to Macro Coach you also have all of the My Macros+ Pro features unlocked at no additional charge.

How I lost 30 Lbs,
and didn't have to think about my diet once

Image Description
"as a professional body builder I was so excited to see that Macro Coach was making the same exact dietary adjustments that I would have made for myself"

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started could not be easier.
  1. Open up My Macros+ on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Macro Coach tab inside of the app
  3. Tap the “Start Now” button
  4. Fill out the initial questionnaire with accurate information.
    • This initial form is crucial to calculating your initial macro goals so please, read it carefully and ask any questions you may have
    • To start we ask that you track your diet for the 5 days leading up to start. This allows us to better understand your dietary needs.
  5. Once you submit your initial questionnaire you will be given your starting macros and are ready to begin
    • We give you macros that we think are best but you are more than welcome to adjust the carb : fat distribution by tapping the 3 circle icon to the right of the calendar icon on your auto adjusting macros dashboard

  6. 7 days later it is time to check in. Return your auto adjusting macros dashboard and tap the check in button at the top.
  7. A good portion of your information will be pre filled for you based off of your My Macros+ activity. Once you fill out the remaining information submit the checkin and you will receive your updated macro goals.
Working together with leaders of industry in online coaching, registered dietetics and computer science My Macros+ has developed proprietary algorithms to help guide you through the process of reaching your weight goals.

Our system learns. By that we mean the longer you stay on your goal the smarter it gets and the more accurate your suggested changes will be.
We will never lie to you. As long as you have a good knowledgeable coach then having a one on one coach is better, yes, but let’s face it, not every coach is good and not everyone has an extra $200 / month at their disposal to spend on coaching. Likewise, the in depth nature of one on one coaching might not be what you need at this time.

That is where Macro Coach comes into play. We provide a coach like experience in regards to nutrition suggestions at nearly 5% of the cost.

This was created under the guidance of those that are tops of their field in regards to online coaching and dietetics,oh therefore you are getting the highest quality of suggestions you can expect from an automated nutrition suggestion tool.
Yes. Well, you at least need to keep track of your daily macro consumption.

One of the greatest things of Macro Coach by My Macros+ is the fact that it is built right on top of a diet tracking application. Tracking your diet is at the forefront of the creation of this tool and to fully get the benefits from it we highly suggest you track your diet.

Not only will tracking your diet help the system work most efficiently, it will allow you a better understanding of your daily diet as a whole.

Macro Coach by My Macros+ is available on iOS and Android through the My Macros+ App, as well as online at .
Macro Coach Communities subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled. You can cancel your subscription at any time here . Once canceled you will retain access for the remaining of that billing cycle.

Meet Our Team — The minds behind Macro Coach

Jason Loewy
My Macros+ Founder & CEO
M.S. Computer Science,
University of Southern California

Becoming a professional natural bodybuilder a few years before earning my masters degree in computer science gives me the perfect combination of experience and expertise to embark and this challenge of creating the perfect diet tracking application. Macro Coach was the natural progression on that vision.

Providing an affordable nutritional guideline suggestion tool will revolutionize how people approach diet and I am exciting to play a part in it.

Katie Rutherford
Macro Coach Co-Creator
Natural Figure World Champion | Elite Powerlifter | Coach

As a pro natural bodybuilder, elite powerlifter, coach, and technique specialist, I strive to bring a message of hope and inspiration to those with fitness and wellness goals. It has become my mission to gain experience in science-based training and nutritional methods in order to help others reach their potential.

I have found my passion in helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals and I hope you can utilize Macro Coach to take another step closer to your aspirations.

Whitney English
Macro Coach Advisor
Registered Dietitian | M.S. Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity, University of Southern California

Whitney English Tabaie, MS, RDN, CPT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. Whitney earned her masters degree from the University of Southern California in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity and completed a dietetic internship at Norris Cancer Center, Keck Medical Center, LACUSC, and Breathe Healing Life Center.

Through her private practice and nutrition website, Whitney E. RD, she aims to help clients treat and prevent chronic disease with sustainable, balanced dietary advice.